Rear Admiral Deepak Bansal, the Assistant Chief of Naval Staff for Air Materials, recently spoke about the Indian Navy’s plans to collaborate with capable industry partners to produce more flight-critical and mission-critical components. In a report by “The Hindu,” he explained that flight-critical items are crucial for the safety of the entire aircraft, and there are only a few such items that the Navy has been able to indigenize so far.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Naval Aviation Industry Outreach Programme held at Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (Codissia) trade fair complex in Coimbatore, Rear Admiral Bansal emphasized the importance of building more of these critical components in India.

He also mentioned that mission-critical components are not as vital as flight-critical components, as their failure would lead to mission failure rather than endangering the aircraft. On the other hand, non-flight-critical components include support equipment like jacks, platforms, towing arms, trolleys, and so on. According to Rear Admiral Bansal, the Navy is currently focusing on producing non-flight-critical items as they are easier to manufacture locally.

Overall, the Indian Navy is seeking capable industry partners to collaborate and develop critical components that are essential for the safety and success of its aircraft. This initiative will not only boost the indigenization of defense manufacturing in India but also create more opportunities for local industries to participate in the country’s defense sector.