In a harrowing saga of survival and courage, the Indian Navy stepped up to become a beacon of hope for the crew of the merchant vessel MV Marlin Luanda. On Saturday, the ship was struck by a missile from Iran-backed Houthi rebels in the Gulf of Eden, igniting a raging fire that threatened to consume the vessel and its crew. Amidst despair, a swift response from the Indian warship INS Visakhapatnam turned the tide, earning the utmost gratitude from the captain and crew.

“Half of the world knows that yesterday we were struck by a missile in the Gulf of Aden,” narrated Captain Abhilash Rawat, the ship’s master, his voice filled with emotion. “Due to the attack, our vessel was on massive fire. I would really like to thank the Indian warship INS Visakhapatnam.”

Rawat’s words capture the immense relief and appreciation felt by the 23 crew members onboard, 22 Indians and one Bangladeshi national. Their vessel, once facing imminent disaster, was now under the care of the Indian Navy, their swift arrival bringing hope where all seemed lost.

“We had lost hope,” Rawat confessed, “but these (Indian Navy) guys have done a tremendous (firefighting) job. They really went out of the way to help us out.”

The Indian Navy’s prompt response to the SOS call exemplified its commitment to safeguarding vessels and ensuring safety at sea. Their swift action not only extinguished the flames but also kindled a deep sense of gratitude within the rescued crew. This incident stands as a testament to the Navy’s vital role in maintaining maritime security and its unwavering dedication to saving lives in times of crisis.

News of the Indian Navy’s heroism quickly spread, reminding the world of the crucial role it plays in ensuring safe passage for merchant vessels navigating the often-turbulent waters of the Gulf of Eden. For the crew of the MV Marlin Luanda, the Indian Navy is no longer just a naval force; they are heroes who came to the rescue when hope seemed lost, forging a bond of gratitude that will forever link them to their Indian saviors.