Indian Navy under the initiative of the iDEX has inked a contract with Sagar Defence Engineering for Autonomous Weaponised Boat Swarms for the Indian Navy, Drone startup Sagar Defence Engineering Private Limited will develop the first weaponised Autonomous unmanned boat with the capability for swarming.

Indian Navy is looking to procure 12 systems initially for testing and trial purposes but eventually, orders will expand. The Navy sees autonomous surface boats as force multipliers, able to add eyes and ears to its coverage of large swaths of water, and limiting the number of personnel required to conduct routine operations.

iDEX had called for the development of an unmanned vessel with an integrated system capable of performing a variety of naval and security missions which would include Littoral/ ODA Patrol, High-Speed Interdiction, Coastal Surveillance, Local Naval Defence, Constabulary Operations, C4ISR, Medium Sized Unmanned Surface Vessel and Low-Intensity Maritime Operations (LIMO).