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Indian Navy and DRDO proposal for the development of an anti-ship missile (AShM) that can be air-launched as well as can be launched from land or warship has been granted. DRDO already is developing Naval Anti-Ship Missile–Short Range (NASM-SR) which is a helicopter-launched AShM and Naval Anti-Ship Missile–Short Range (NASM-MR), which is a fighter jet launched AShM.

NASM-SR and NASM-MR both are sub-sonic cruise missiles and DRDO is also working on a supersonic anti-ship missile (AShM) that has a range over sub-sonic AShM that is under development. has been told that the latest clearance is for the development of the supersonic anti-ship missile (AShM) since developmental trials of the NASM-SR already has started and worked on NASM-MR is at the advanced stages of development and the missile will be tested by end of 2023.

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