Indian Navy has told ADA that it will be procuring 45 Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) from HAL when it enters service in 2031 to replace Russian-supplied Mig-29K deck-based fighter jets by 2035. has been told in the past that the first batch of 4.5 Gen TEDBF will be used to replace Mig-29K batches but an improved variant with fluxion of 5th gen tech of the AMCA program will also go on the floor.

Indian Navy, which originally wanted to procure 57 new fighters, is now looking to buy 27 deck-based fighter jets and recently completed a demonstration that was carried out by Rafale M and F-18 Super hornet. TEDBF’s final order might cross 80 when the second batch orders are placed.

ADA already has offered an Air Force variant to the IAF that will be near 1.5-tons lighter and will shed extra weight on landing gears and rear fuselage but IAF has not yet confirmed if it will be interested in the program.

IAF has placed an order for 83 Tejas Mk1A and has committed to procuring 108 Tejas Mk2 and 120 AMCA Mk1 and Mk2 fighter jets by 2040. IAF is also looking to procure 114 jets from a foreign OEM by 2030.

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