Call for Make in India weapons is fast becoming rebadging in India claimed Rajesh Ahuja, a Defence Analyst. Ahuja claimed with the rise of private sector companies propping up since 2014 after the Modi government allowed Private sector participation in the design and development of weapons and military equipment in the country.

Ahuja said while many Private sector companies are doing excellent jobs in developing many systems in the house without foreign input in their products but they are many companies who procure equipment from lesser-known entities or countries and pass it off as a locally made product.

Ahuja highlighted several companies that had participated in Defence Expo held last year were drone manufacturers that were passing off Chinese drones as locally made ones with rebadged Indian names with little or no research and development on their part.

Ahuja asked the MoD and Indian Armed Forces should be made aware of what is happening and there should be better scrutiny to as to not pass foreign equipment as locally made ones.