Pakistani Propaganda Trolls started posting picture of 4 Air to Air Missile allegedly recovered from Mig-21Bis which was shot down by Pakistani F-16 last month. Two R-77 and Two R-73 displayed in the picture was presented as a proof that Mig-21Bis which had claimed to fire an R-73 Air-to-Air Missile which brought down a Pakistani F-16 were found intact so claims of India bringing down an F-16 was Fake and Twitter Poster also tagged many Prominent Indian Defence Analysts to Burst Indian claims.

Mig-21 Bis in its Combat Air Patrol (CAP) Weapons load always carries Two R-73 and Two R-77 Air-to-Air missiles and a drop-tank on its center-line hard point so hence proved no missile was fired so no F-16 was lost was the argument made, But the move seems to have backfired soon and the Pakistani Propaganda Trolls not only deleted the post but also deleted his account after Prominent Indian Defence Analysts in their collective conclusion said that propellant and warhead sections which are missing in the R-73 displayed in the right was indeed fired upon towards a target as claimed by the Mig-21bis and all Pakistan could do was showcase seeker head and some parts of the tail.


               R-73 cutaway showing Warhead in Missile Section

In attempts to avoid embarrassment, Pakistani Propaganda Trolls tried their best to say that no missile parts specially seeker can be recovered if the missile indeed actually did hit its target and wreckage of recovered AIM-120 C5 displayed by India was the proof that seekers head is always lost but that argument too was busted since R-73 AAM is a Heat seeking missile system which has a proximity fuse and when missile is closer to its target burst its warhead sending out high-grade shrapnel towards the target inflicting enough damage to the aircraft to bring it down .

To Prove their argument and to turn tables, Indian Defence Analysts showcased recovered Head Seeker section of an AIM-9L Sidewinder AAM which in 2002 was used to shot down an Indian Drone just 10 km off Lahore by an F-16B fighter jet. American AIM-9L Sidewinder and Russian R-73 both are Heat Seeking Missile system which works on same basic principals where the missile system denotes its self closer to its target and not actually hits its target physically and both have its warhead in the middle section which always means that the Seeker section of the decapitated Head Section always falls down intact and is recovered most of the time if ever found,same happens with tail section which too is found , only things not recovered are warhead section and propulsion section.

                   Intact Seeker section recovered of AIM-9L

While Original Pakistani Propaganda Troll deleted his post and his account, but less gullible, Low IQ Pakistani Propaganda trolls are still posting same things and same lame arguments without understanding how Air-to-air missile system actually works and that No Heat seeking Air-to-air missile actually make a direct physical impact with its target. display of the Above Picture only proves that R-73 was indeed fired and thus confirms India’s claim that F-16 was shot down.

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