Chinese Government affiliated media outlet, T-House Opinions claimed that 18 countries will be authorized to carry out research at China’s Tiangong space station when it is ready. Russia, Kenya, China, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Netherlands, India, Belgium, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Pakistan, and Peru are 18 countries that have been named by the media outlet.

Tiangong will weigh 70-ton weight when completed and is currently the largest and heaviest spacecraft China has ever built and also the world’s heaviest self-propelled spaceship in service. Tiangong will have its power, propulsion, life support systems, and living quarters.

India’s ISRO also has plans to launch the first module of the indigenously made space station by 2030. The Indian space station will weigh around 20 tones less than the core capsule of the Tiangong space station which is 23 tons.

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