As India celebrated its 75th Republic Day, the Indian Army unveiled a sleek new weapon in its arsenal – the Polaris all-terrain vehicle (ATV). This versatile machine promises to boost troop mobility and operational effectiveness in challenging terrain, from snow-capped peaks to scorching deserts.

Major Toofan Singh Chauhan, showcasing the Polaris during the Republic Day parade, shed light on its impressive capabilities. This lightweight beast can tackle diverse landscapes, including mountains, arid deserts, mudflats, and even snowy terrains with ease. Its compact size and maneuverability make it ideal for navigating tight spaces and treacherous slopes.

The Polaris’s lightweight design isn’t just for agility; it allows for convenient airlifting. This facilitates rapid deployment of troops and equipment to remote locations, significantly enhancing the Army’s responsiveness and tactical flexibility.

The Polaris is more than just a mountain goat on wheels. It boasts a comfortable seating capacity for six soldiers, enabling quick and efficient troop transportation across challenging terrain. This translates to faster reaction times and improved operational agility.

While designed for swiftness, the Polaris hasn’t compromised on firepower. It can be integrated with a Light Machine Gun at the rear, providing troops with immediate defensive capabilities when needed. Its lack of armor, however, highlights its primary purpose – rapid troop movement, not frontline assault.

Major Chauhan also emphasized the Polaris’s superior suspension performance. This allows soldiers to confidently navigate steep slopes and uneven terrain, maintaining stability and control even at a 60-degree incline and 45-degree decline.