Three Private sector companies are in contention to be part of an upgrade package that has been under work in which nearly 2500 Soviet-era BMP-2 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles will be upgraded with next-gen technology like see-through armor as well as anti-drone measures besides a high-powered engine.

Infantry combat vehicles as part of the upgrade package will also be getting an Anti-Drone system that can be used to take out armed drones or swarm drones. Some of the BMP-2 variants will also be getting state-of-art Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs) and an integrated Loitering Munition System.

Other systems that are to be upgraded are the Gunner Main Sight, Commander Panoramic Sight, Fire Control System, Automatic Target Tracker, and Laser Range Finder.

State-owned Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) under license from Russia since the early 80s has been manufacturing BMP-2 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles for the Indian Army that lacks night-vision capability and other modern warfighting features.

Indian Army in long term has plans to replace the BMP-2 fleet with the Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) program but it will not be before 2030 first batch of FICVs starts arriving and it might take another 10 years before the whole fleet is replaced.

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