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The Indian Army, which has recommenced induction of the indigenously upgraded Dhanush 155mmX45 Caliber artillery guns will be raising its Second Dhanush regiment by March this year which will comprise of 18 guns. the first regiment was raised in March 2020 with 18 guns but after the delivery of Six guns, Indian Army refused to take further guns due to some quality control issues with the Guns.

Successful testing of Dhanush guns at the Pokhran field firing range in Jaisalmer last year fired most of the issues flagged by the Indian Army and Two Dhanush guns fired around 90 rounds and hit targets at 38kms. The gun achieved 100% success in second-line firing.

Indian Army was supposed to get all 114 Dhanush guns by March 2022 but delays allowed to fix issues with the gun that has now completed the first regiment and is in the process of raising the second regiment. Indian Army will raise four more Dhanush gun regiments by mid-2024.

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