According to the latest media reports, the Indian Army is all set to place orders for Caracal’s CAR 816 close-quarter carbine with AE arms firm Caracal in coming weeks, after it recently inked a deal for 16,479 state-of-the-art Negev Light Machine Guns (LMG) with an Israeli firm for front line troops.

UAE arms firm Caracal was declared ‘L1’ in a bid for 93,895 carbines worth $ 553.33 million in 2018. The new carbine will replace the 9 mm Sterling carbines which are being gradually phased out. Caracal has to start supplies and conclude deliveries within one year of the inking of the contract.

Caracal carbine is based on the AR-15 lightweight semi-automatic rifle. the rifle weighs 3.4 kg, and uses the 5.56 x 45mm NATO cartridge, and has a firing rate of 750–950 rpm. The 5.56 has a much higher bullet velocity and performs as well as the 7.62mm round used in the AK-series of assault rifles. Since it’s much lighter than the 7.62 or the currently-used Sterling 9mm weapons, it will lighten the Indian soldier’s load out.


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