India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has been working on the development of the Combined Air Teaming System (CATS) Warrior autonomous stealthily unmanned aerial vehicles program for the Indian Air Force is now will be also be developing an Army variant that will have different missions profiles and weapons package. has been told that it will be smaller than the present warrior drone and will not team up with a mother ship Tejas Mk1 Trainer aircraft, instead, it will be controlled by Mobile ground controllers.

The engineering and R&D department in HAL is working with the Indian Army to work out basic requirements of the Army Variant of the CATS Warrior Drone that will have different mission profiles and weapons packages. while nothing has been confirmed yet but it is likely Alpha-S (glider drone) might be procured by the Army for its CATS Warrior Drone.

IAF variant of the Warrior Drone will be ready by 2024 and the Army variant might be followed the latter. Warrior Drone can carry up to 4 munitions and will have the capacity to carry out strike missions 700 km inside enemy territory. It is still not clear how the Army variant will be different from the Air Force variant since it has been confirmed that it will be smaller than the air force variant.

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