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Kalyani Variant (L) vs Tata Variant (R)

Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) gun has completed most of the mandatory trials with only a few procedural trials left that will clear the path for limited Scale Production of at least 150 ATAGS guns in 2023 in itself with deliveries starting from the end of 2024 onwards.

DRDO has developed two variants of the gun with Tata Defence and Kalyani Group that have included many different systems and subsystems. Both guns can’t go into production, has been told that the Indian Army will have to choose between both gun variants, and the winning gun from the Private sector will take a major chuck of the orders while the other vendor gets to manufacture the same gun but with reduced orders.

It’s unclear at this point which gun is the favorite to win the deal but both private sector companies will get orders of one winning design, which will lead to bulk orders for 600 guns in three batches as the requirements will be close to 2000 guns.

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