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After deploying 350 artillery systems at various forward locations on the eastern border with China, the Indian Army plans to procure 80 mini remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), 10 runway-independent RPAS, 44 upgraded long-range surveillance systems, and 106 inertial navigation systems will be issued within the next few days, as per Times of India report.

The army is seeking RPAS that has an operational range from 15-20km to 60-90km that will be used to provide advanced support for artillery units by locating targets and transferring their coordinates to the firing unit, with hits marked on the GCS display, assuring accurate fire and intelligent battle damage assessment (BDA).

As per the report, indigenous LORROS (long-range reconnaissance and observation system) is also about to begin trials. Target acquisition beyond LOS and Calculation of the mean average hit deviation are some of the features that have been sorted by the Indian Army for this RPAS. Optional integration to artillery C2 networks. RPAS will help in supporting rapid target acquisition and adjustment of fire while reducing the risk to your forces.

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