In response to the ongoing violence in Manipur, the Indian army has initiated a campaign called “Together for Peace in Manipur,” aimed at fostering unity and restoring security. In collaboration with the state government and other stakeholders, the army is working to create a sense of safety among all communities, particularly those residing in remote areas outside the Imphal valley. The deployment of army and Assam Rifles columns, along with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), is underway to facilitate area domination exercises and expedite the return of normalcy in Manipur.

More than 128 army and Assam Rifles columns, along with UAVs, have been actively engaged in area domination exercises. The primary objective is to regain complete normalcy in Manipur as quickly as possible. To achieve this, long-duration patrols comprising women soldiers from the Assam Rifles have been dispatched to vulnerable areas identified in consultation with the state government over the past 72 hours.

These area domination patrols have been visiting villages across various communities, interacting with locals, women, and influencers. Their purpose is to not only reassure the residents of their safety but also provide much-needed support. Activities conducted by these patrols include rendering medical assistance on-site by para medics and undertaking prophylactic medical evacuations when necessary.

The army has called upon all sections of the population in Manipur to support the efforts of the security forces in maintaining the hard-earned peace and harmony. It urges residents to reject hate speech, misinformation, and any attempts to incite discord or animosity within communities. The focus remains on fostering a united front to quell violence and create a secure environment for all.