Indian Army has issued a 13-page Request for Information (RFI) for the Procurement of a new generation ‘Future Tank’ platform namely Future Ready Combat Vehicle (FRCV), approximately quantity 1770 in a phased manner, with expected induction by 2030. RFI which has gone through says that the FRCV platform is planned to be procured under the ‘Strategic Partnership’ route within the provision of Chapter-VII of Defence Acquisition Procedure – 2020’.

The strategic partnership category of acquisition provides foreign defense manufacturers (OEM) to enter into JVs with Indian defense companies for a share in India’s defense orders along with the Transfer of Technology (ToT) of the winning platform. FRCV from 2030 for the next 40-50 years will remain as the ‘Main Battle Tank’ of the Indian Army and will be replacing Soviet-era T-72MBTs from the Indian Army fleet.

Indian Army has laid out some of the Broad Operational concepts for Future Ready Combat Vehicle (FRCV)

  • FRCV should incorporate systems to negate ISR systems, counter the new threats and enhance its operational performance using technology, to ensure staying power and victory of the Land Forces in any conflict.
  • FRCV should incorporate niche technologies i.e Artificial Intelligence, See Through Armr, etc, and can operate in a network-centric & EW environment.
  • FRCV should be able to operate in all-terrain and have the agility and high mobility and is likely to be employed in varied terrain configuration, as existing in the Indian Sub-continent including High Altitude Areas, Plains/ Riverine and Deserts / Semi-Deserts Terrains under varied Temperature Conditions.
  • FRCV should be a Medium Weight Class Tank and the design should be modular and physical dimensions should not impede its transportability by in-service rail, road, air, and ship. FRCV should have a crew configuration of 2/ 3 with Crew Pod Concept. FRCV should have a Large Calibre, Lethal, Modular, and upgradeable weapon system with the capability to destroy and offer countermeasures to varied threats and a digital fire control system, to incorporate, AI-enabled target acquisition / Multiple-Auto Target Tracker with hunter-killer capability and eye-safe laser range finder.
  • FRCV should have STANAG level of all-round protection including top, bottom, sides, and frontal- against current/future KE/CE threat, Mines with a combination of other survival means (ERA, APS, etc).

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