According to Janes Intel, the Indian Army is interested in purchasing Israel-based General Robotics’ Pitbull remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS). According to Shahar Gal, CEO of General Robotics, both the Indian Army and the Indian Navy have expressed interest in their RCWS.

PITBULL is a lightweight RCWS designed to mount 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine guns, 40 mm AGL electro-optical sensors, and other payloads, according to General Robotics. In contrast to other conventional remotely operated RCWS, the PITBULL with the new Smart-AI maintains constant, full awareness of its surroundings, regardless of the platform’s situation.

The PITBULL RCWS can also be outfitted with soft and hard-kill measures for counter-drone system (C-UAS) missions.

The system determines the best time to fire the gun upon the operator’s command by processing the users’ ‘Point & Shoot’ command and trigger pull in real-time.

“This function is optional and can be activated or deactivated, as some users prefer to have complete control of the weapon at all times,” Gal explained.