Indian Army Chief General Manoj Pande has presented a cautiously optimistic outlook on the security situation along the Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan, highlighting a decrease in violence and successful counter-terrorism operations in 2023.

General Pande pointed to specific statistics to support his assessment. He stated that a total of 71 terrorists were eliminated in 2023, with 35 neutralized within Indian territory and 36 as a result of successful counter-infiltration operations along the LoC. These figures represent a notable decline compared to previous years, indicating progress in curbing infiltration attempts and terrorist activities.

Notably, General Pande emphasized the significant number of terrorists (35) eliminated within the Indian hinterland. This suggests a shift in focus by security forces towards proactively dismantling potential terror networks and preventing attacks before they occur. This proactive approach demonstrates a commitment to improving internal security and bolstering public confidence.

While acknowledging the decline in violence, General Pande cautioned against complacency. He acknowledged the ongoing challenges posed by infiltration attempts and the need for continued vigilance. Stressing the importance of maintaining a high state of preparedness, he assured the nation that the Indian Army remains well-equipped to tackle any security threats emanating from across the LoC.