Recent clashes in Ukraine have cemented the Indian Army’s tactical call to back Swarm technologies over procurement of the Armed MALE Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as the Army starts inducting Indian-made Swarm drones that can be armed to take out vital targets on the battlefield.

While the Indian Army is not running out of operating Armed MALE Class UAVs in near future but it has found that they are limited by their utility and have a poor record when it faces a rigid air defense system. has been told that Army Top Brass believes that Swarm drones due to the nature of their size and cost and their decentralized approach to the wide target area and their ability to hit different targets instead of one target make them more lethal while decreasing the losses from defensive fire.

Swarm drones can attack from omnidirectional and can choose different angles making it near difficult for the target to put up a defense. Next-gen swarm drones will have a swarm commander that can be equipped with an EW system or AI-backed Portable Target Recognition system that can guild multiple swarm drones to different targets.

India is working to make Swarm drones more lethal and plans are afoot to equip them with micro ammunitions and missiles that can be launched to take out targets from a long distance like 1km. Armed UAVs can be taken as more and more portable radar systems are being deployed to scan for small UAVs but countering large numbers of drones are difficult even with hard-kill and soft-kill options being employed.

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