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Indian Tri-Service will be issuing Trial clearance certification to Private sector companies that had offered their weapons systems for user trials so that they can offer this weapon to the export market even if this weapon is not procured by Indian Armed Forces. has been told that many Private sector companies bid and offer trials of their weapon systems and the Indian Armed Forces after lengthy trials may which may not procure them immediately due to various reasons that often effects export chances of the weapon systems. Trial clearance certification will be only given to companies whose weapons or products that were offered for trials cleared the Internal evaluation of the Indian Armed Forces.

Countries often procure weapons that are already procured by the host countries but in India, user trials can go on for a lengthy period and tenders are often canceled due to red tape in the bureaucracy or due to changes in technical requirements. Indian military procurement still awards weapons contracts based on the lowest bidding price and the second lowest bidder can now use Trial clearance certification as a benchmark to sell their weapons in the export market.

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