The past six days of the “Sada Tanseeq” joint military exercise have seen Indian and Saudi Arabian troops make significant progress in their training. The contingents, comprised of personnel from the Royal Saudi Land Force and the Indian Army, have been engaged in intensive drills focusing on various crucial aspects of combat readiness.

The initial phase of the exercise focused on building a strong foundation for collaboration. Soldiers underwent thorough training in handling weapons and equipment, honing their marksmanship, and fostering team integration. Physical fitness, a key component of operational effectiveness, was also prioritized. Additionally, both sides gained valuable insights into the nuances of UN regulations, ensuring adherence to international protocols during operations.

Having mastered these essential skills, the contingents are now ready for the next level of challenge. The upcoming stage will involve advanced battle hardening exercises, including reflex shooting drills and simulated joint counter-insurgency operations. These dynamic scenarios will test the soldiers’ ability to react quickly, coordinate effectively, and apply their acquired knowledge in realistic combat situations.

“Sada Tanseeq,” currently underway at the Mahajan Field Firing Range, began on January 29th and is scheduled to conclude on February 10th. This joint exercise represents a significant step forward in strengthening military cooperation between India and Saudi Arabia. The exchange of knowledge and expertise throughout the program promises to enhance the operational capabilities of both forces, contributing to regional security and stability.