State-run Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (MIDHANI) that has developed new lighter and durable indigenous clip on, clip off Armour which is made of composite and is 40% lighter then Steel made Russian Armour will be replacing earlier variants of Mi-17 helicopters with indigenous Armour to withstand fire from small arms and snipers in close contact operations, like in Naxal-infested areas.

Armour adds weight, which limits its payload carrying capabilities and prevents it from flying at higher altitudes. Reducing Armour weight will improve its performance where it is needed, and the added benefit of clip on, clip off Armour is that it can be removed when not needed.

Indian Air Force (IAF) Mi-17 helicopters are typically used to provide logistical support to local police commandos or the Central Paramilitary engaged in operations against Left-wing extremists.