Russian Media Tass Claims that Russian forces have started receiving S-500 ‘Prometei’ anti-aircraft missile system that entered production last year and soon an export version for customers like India might be cleared for sale if they desired to procure them to supplement their existing S-400 system claimed the report.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov in 2021 had said that India could be the first buyer of the S-500 air defence system when he was in India. India which is set to get the 3rd Squadron of the S-400 system later this month or early next month is keen on having India as its launch customer as the weapon system has recorded the longest kill around 486km in tests.

The S-500 air defence system is not considered a successor to the S400 system but a substantial boost to the existing S-400 system with the introduction of a new interceptor missile that is designed to intercept ballistic missiles, AWACS aircraft, Airborne Tankers and Jammers near 600km range.

The S-500 air defence system is capable of tracking 20 ballistic missiles and can take out 10 in rapid succession since it has a shorter engagement duration than the S-400 system. S-500 and S400 systems can be interlinked and can work in tandem but it is impossible to only procure a new S-500 Interceptor missile and make it work with the S-400 system, hence India needs to procure S-500 as a whole system if it desires.

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