Russian Cruise missile usage in the ongoing war with Ukraine has come as an eye opener for Indian military planners as Russia after 6 months of the war nearly has depleted its cruise missile arsenal after high usage initially in the war which has prompted Indian military planners to diversify it cruise missile program in the coming year that has been the domain of the Defence PSUs till now and have done a miserable job on it.

Private sector companies that have been working in the development of turbojet aero engines for cruise missiles might be getting funds from the government and many Private sector companies that have shown interest in carrying out the development of sub-sonic cruise missiles and have submitted proposals are been considered to take up after consultation with Tri-service. has been told that recent high-level meetings highlighted poor intake of low-cost sub-sonic cruise missile arsenal of the Tri-service and also showed dependency on expensive Brahmos supersonic cruise missiles that have been the mainstay of India’s firepower for well over two decades while DRDO has flattered to develop mass-produced sub-sonic cruise missile.

India to now looking to allow private sector companies to develop sub-sonic air-launched cruise missiles from 200km to 500km range and also develop surface-to-surface variants of a similar range. While the DRDO program for the development of long-range sub-sonic cruise missiles with a range of over 1500km will continue Private sector companies that have submitted proposals for shorter-range tactical air-launched and ship-launched subsonic and supersonic cruise missiles might be given go ahead.

In the next 20 years, Tri-service sees demand for 3000 subsonic and supersonic cruise missiles required and even requires hypersonic cruise missiles due to which sub-sonic cruise missile programs in the future will be awarded to private sector companies.

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