The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) had decided to stick with a British-origin Martin Baker ejection seat called the MK16 IN16 GS rather than go for improved derivates that were on offer for the next-gen fighter jet programs to maintain commonality and to reduce follow-on services and product support for different ejection seats.

83 additional Tejas aircraft will also be fitted with Martin-Baker Mk.16 Seats that are due for future delivery. HTT-40 basic trainer aircraft from Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) is also fitted with Mk.16 Ejection Seats which is production ready for anticipated order for 70+36 aircraft.

When deliveries of the new HTT-40 and LCA Tejas aircraft are complete, the IAF and Navy will be operating over 1,300 Martin-Baker Seats in more than 750 aircraft. 106 LCA MkII, 120 AMCA, and 45 TEDBF will also be getting the same Martin-Baker Mk.16 Seats when they hit production.

According to Martin Baker, In the last 62 years, over 230 Indian pilot lives have been saved to date due to its Ejection Seats.

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