The Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF) located at Avadi in Chennai will commence upgrades on the original batch of T-90 Bhishma Main Battle Tank (MBT) that had come from Russia in Completely Knocked Down (CKD) / Semi Knocked Down (SKD) condition that is up for a complete overhaul. Automatic target tracker (ATT), digital ballistic computer, and auxiliary power unit (APU) are some of the main systems that will be upgraded.

ATT and APU will be upgraded to an indigenous system that will now also include see-through-armour. commander’s panoramic sight and driver’s night sight already have been developed for the Arjun MBT program and will now will replacing older systems in T-90MBTs. has been told that more comprehensive upgrades have been planned for the next batch of T-90MBTs that will include specialized technology like Loitering ammunition, Artificial Intelligence (AI), drone integration, active defense systems, and a high level of situational awareness, but the present upgrade planned will start from next year onwards.

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