With an official grant of 10000-crores for the development of the Tejas Mk2 program, Next in 2023, India will be pumping another 15000-crores into the development of India’s 5th gen AMCA fighter jet program and another 13000-cores in the development of deck-based fighter jet for the Indian Navy in 2025.

India is also working out a deal for the development of an indigenous aero engine with either French or the United Kingdom with an initial investment of another $5 billion not only for the engine development but also to set up a complete ecosystem for which the private sector companies will be roped in.

In the next 10 years, in multiple Phases over years $10 billion will be pumped into this program that will see the procurement of nearly 400 jets in the next 20 years with orders raking up over $20 billion in orders for the Aerospace sector in the country.

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