BrahMos Aerospace’s managing director Praveen Pathak, at the ARMY-2022 International Military-Technical Forum, a weeklong expo organized by the Russian Defense Ministry showing off the latest domestic and foreign defense hardware claimed that the aircraft-carried version of the BrahMos that was created “almost 100%” in India has become operational and that the Indian Defense Ministry has been satisfied with the missile system.

BrahMos Chief claimed that all Su-30 Operators have now been offered BrahMos-A, an Air Lunched variant of the supersonic cruise missiles that can be used to take out targets at sea or land. BrahMos-A minus its booster stage can be air-launched from the center pylon of the Su-30 to take out targets at 450km. BrahMos-A which weighs 2.5T that needs a HAL-developed Airframe undercarriage strengthening process before the aircraft is cleared for integration.

The Su-30 platform is operated by the Air forces of Angola, Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Uganda, Venezuela, and Vietnam with strengthening of the airframe all of these variants can be integrated with the deadly BrahMos-A.

The Philippine Army and Navy have signed agreements with India on the purchase of naval and ground-based variants of BrahMos cruise missiles, with the company also reporting interest from other countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and South Africa.

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