Unnamed Nuclear submarine which goes by Project name ” S4″ will be launched as per schedule launch window later this year amid the Chinese virus pandemic situation in the country but at the secret facility where they were under construction work continued with a smaller workforce and it will begin again now with full force soon after easing of restrictions in the area.

INS Arighat which is a sister class ship of INS Arihant has been in the sea for time being and crew have been in self quarantined to avoid the spread of the virus in the nuclear submarine. INS Arighat is set to be inducted into the Navy after carrying out extensive trials of the submarine at the port and in the deep sea for the last two years.

S4 moving out of the dry dock will clear path for port and sea trials of the submarine which according to media reports is twice the size of the Arihant class nuclear submarines and can carry twice the number of nuclear-armed medium-range missiles like K-4 SLBM. S4 is expected to be officially inducted into Navy by 2022 and in 2021 S4* (Star) which is the sister ship of the S4 Class will be ready for launch followed by sea trials and induction by 2023.


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