The Indian Government has invited bids from the industry to design & develop Marine Diesel Engine Technology & establish India as the global leader. Development of an entire range of “Medium Speed Marine Diesel Engine” for Armed Forces has been accorded In-principle approval under Make-I (Government Funded) that will involve Government funding of 90%, released in a phased manner and based on the progress of the scheme, as per terms agreed between MoD and the vendor.

Medium Speed Marine Diesel Engine is usually used on Amphibious warfare ships like Landing craft utility (LCU), main auxiliary engineering ships, and Tug boats.

According to Martin’s Marine Engineering, diesel engines are also categorized by high, medium, and slow speed. High-speed engines can achieve 900 rpm and are used for yachts. Found on small ships, medium-speed engines fall within the 300 to 900 rpm range. Slow-speed engines top out at 300 pm.

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