Ministry of Defence (MoD) in a statement said that it has identified the development of the Electric Propulsion for Warships Project under the ‘Make-I’ sub-category where Government funding of 90%, will be released in a phased manner and based on the progress.

The Electrical propulsion system has got a lot of advantages over the conventional engine-driven propulsion system, like Environmental benefits from lower fuel consumption and emissions, Minimal standstill time for maintenance and service, Availability of maximum torque across the entire speed range at the propeller, Reduced space requirements in the engine room.

But being a relatively new technology that is yet to see mass adoption will mean that the installation cost of an electrical propulsion plant will be much higher and the efficiency of the electrical plant is less than that of a conventional system.

Indian Navy has plans to fit 127 mm guns on under-construction destroyers and frigates after it failed to get 127 mm guns from the United States due to the high cost of these guns. Indian Warships will continue to be equipped with existing 76 mm guns while plans are to upgrade them at a later stage when an indigenous 127 mm gun is available. 127-mm 62-calibre Naval Guns have a range of 36 km that comes in handy for operation in both anti-surface and anti-ship due to its range and is much more capable of handling warships of its size.

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