Delayed by the Pandemic situation in the county, The Indian Air Force (IAF) will start deploying indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas on the western front by mid this year from their home base in Sulur, Tamil Nadu. The LCA Tejas temporarily had deployed in the western front close to the Pakistan border to take care of any possible action by the adversary there last year but that not permanent.

Recently LCA-Tejas test-fired Python-5 Close Combat missile and also ready has cleared use of R-73 and Derby air to air missile and same will also be upgraded on the first squadron before they are cleared to operate from front line base. Astra Mk1 Air to air missile is one of the missiles that everyone is eagerly waiting to be cleared for the LCA-Tejas program but it might take some time to become operational due to the limited production rate of the missile system.

Second squadron at the home base in Sulur, Tamil Nadu. with more aircraft in the pipeline to be delivered in the next two months, the first squadron will move to the western front base to make space for the second squadron. FOC variant of the Second squadron is likely to be posted at Srinagar Air force Base to replace the Mig-21 squadron at the Air force station.

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