National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) Chairman P S Raghavan while speaking during a panel discussion titled Between Dialogue and Deterrence – India’s Pakistan Dilemma, said that India need not look at acceptance of the Line of Control (LoC) as the way forward in resolving its issues with Pakistan.

He traced the origins of the dispute to western powers who did not want India to benefit from its strategic location, saying there was no reason for India to accept immediately the solution of a border that was “thrust on it” to its strategic disadvantage. ‘If we have to do it, we need to have a strategic advantage.’ Until then, I don’t think we should even discuss the LoC as a border,’ Raghavan said.

The NSAB Chairman stated that India must continue to strengthen its defences and internal structures because many terrorist attacks in the country were successful due to failures in its internal security mechanisms.

Speakers said during the discussion, moderated by Latha Reddy, Co-chair, Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, that political posturing should not alienate Pakistan’s constructive constituency. Lt General Prakash Menon, Director of the Takshashila Institution’s Strategic Studies Programme, stated that India’s approach to Pakistan must be based on hope rather than fear.