In a sharp response to China’s objection to a G20 meeting being held in Kashmir, India has asserted its sovereign rights and emphasized its freedom to hold meetings on its own territory. The statement comes in light of China’s opposition to the proposed G20 meeting in Kashmir.

India firmly asserts that it has the right to host meetings and conferences within its own territory, including regions like Kashmir. The country maintains that such decisions are made independently, in accordance with its sovereignty and the interests of its people.

The response from India underscores its commitment to upholding its territorial integrity and the principle of non-interference in its internal affairs. It emphasizes that decisions regarding hosting international events are within its exclusive purview and should be respected by other nations.

The proposed G20 meeting in Kashmir, if held, would serve as a platform for global leaders to discuss and address important issues affecting the region and the world at large. India’s stance highlights its willingness to engage in constructive dialogue and facilitate meaningful discussions on matters of mutual interest.

This assertive response reiterates India’s position as a responsible and sovereign nation, capable of independently making decisions that align with its national interests and priorities. It sends a clear message that India is determined to protect its territorial rights and safeguard its sovereignty.

In conclusion, India’s strong response to China’s objection underscores its firm commitment to assert its sovereign rights and hold meetings on its own territory. By highlighting its autonomy in making decisions regarding international events, India reaffirms its position as a responsible global actor and a defender of its territorial integrity.