After signing the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement or BECA with the United States of America late last year, India is readying to sign a major agreement with France, leading for closer defence cooperation, particularly between the two navies. 

The Indian government has already cleared the decision that will lead to closer information exchange between India and France. The information exchange will be at the tactical level and theoretically, sources said, any information that has operational significance can be passed on in real-time by France to India and vice versa. The exchange can be at ‘ship level’ and during difficult times like conflict, the exchange can prove to be crucial.

The new agreement comes just before the visit by Emmanuel Bonne, the diplomatic advisor to the president of France for discussions. It is also another sign of international support for India as the face-off with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in East Ladakh continues. 

The French Navy is present in strength in the Indian Ocean area. The agreement with India will benefit both navies.