Supposed leaked scale model of India’s next-generation Ballistic Missile Submarine is been doing round on the net which finally shed some light into some of the physical features which can be seen on the scale model which most likely will make it into the first submarine which has been code-named S5 internally by DRDO and Ministry of Defence (MOD) under PMO.

S5 will be first in lead class next generation Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine which will have a surface displacement of 13000 tonnes and will be nearly double the size of S4 and S4* SSBM which are Extended version of INS Arihant and INS Arighat Class of the first-generation SSBN currently in active service of Indian Navy.

S-5 SSBN Scale model reveals an interesting bit of information in radical design changes which new submarine will have.

Mast: Unlike Arihant class which had clear Russian influence in the design of its Mast, S-5 has design influence of Vanguard-class SSBN operated by Royal Navy and has a Short Mast unlike seen in Arihant which also has dividing rudder design. The mast is usually the place where All above water sensors are combined into self-protection masts in the submarine’s fin.

Forward Hydroplane: Not to be confused with Bow Planes as seen in Virginia class submarine. Forward Hydroplane has seen in S5 design is again influenced by Vanguard-class SSBN which is located in the forward section and not placed on Mast.

Silo Hump: This is where Vanguard-class SSBN influence stops and Silo Hump as seen in the scale model is more influenced by the Russian Delta-IV class submarine which might have something to do with design influence also with S5.

First S5 SSBN will go in construction in 2022 onwards once dry docks are vacated currently occupied by S4 and S4*. S5 will feature 190MW Pressurized water reactor (PWR) which is already under research and design by BARC which previously had developed 83MW PWR for current INS Arihant and INS Arighat class of SSBN and it has been reported that same 190MW PWR will also be used to power India’s Next Six Generation Nuclear attack Submarines when design goes critical in 2025.

S5 will be equipped with 16 K-6 SLBM and will be ready for induction into Indian Navy by 2030. DRDO already has started development of K-6 SLBM which will be 8000km+ next-generation submarine-launched ballistic missiles with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle payload. S4 and S4* which are based on baseline Arihant class submarines will feature K-5 SLBM and K-4 SLBM which will move out of dry docks in 2022.

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