India’s defence exports reached their highest level in 2021-22, with the figure hitting the 13,000-crore mark with 70% contribution coming from the private sector and the remaining 30% from the public sector. This year in January, India’s BrahMos Aerospace and the Philippines signed a deal worth almost $375 million for the Philippine Marines to acquire three batteries of the BrahMos cruise missile, perhaps the only big ticket sale of weapon system coming out of India this year.

Bharat Electronics Limited last year supplied four Swathi Weapon Locating Radars (WLR) to Armenia and 3 years back, India sold some units of Shyena torpedo to Myanmar. Each year India has managed to sell some weapon systems entirely rather than only restricting itself to the sale of components, spares, and aerostructures of an aircraft but if India wants to break into the top 10 weapons exporting countries by 2025 and in the top 5 by 2035 it needs to start exporting whole weapons system fast and need to rejig its pr machinery.

The Indian government should start a new defense export organization so that it becomes the sole place to deal with all external inquiries and respond to the RFI, RFP, and other tenders issued by foreign governments. State-owned agencies should not only be in charge of Pr machinery but also should have permission to respond to tenders and be part of the negotiations with the interested countries.

A new state organization in India for exporting the entire range of military, dual-use products and services, and technologies which is also a single-point company that deals with everything related to the export market should have been created a long time back. State intermediary for the export of Indian-made weapons should also be a charge of Private sector company products for a small fee so that such companies also have Government backing but to also ensure that countries buying them are provided with exceptional spares and service backup and also check if dual-use systems do not fall in wrong hands.

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