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With Japan opening up its defense industry to close nit of countries that includes India, the first possible sale of military equipment between both countries might be the sale of a Naval stealth antenna called unicorn under the Transfer of Technology arrangement to be integrated into next-gen Indian warships but India is more interested in Japanese advancements in its submarine technology. has been told that India is keen on acquiring expertise in some of the conventional submarine technology that Japan has developed for its indigenous submarine fleet which is often considered as best in the Diesel-Attack submarine programs in the entire world.

Material and battery management systems and other submarine technology are some of the conventional submarine technology that India is keen to acquire from Japan to develop its own 12 Diesel-Attack submarine program for its Navy. While some of the technology that India is seeking might be sensitive but Japan is now showing its willingness to further military collaboration in the Maritime space as it sees India as one of the counterweights against the expanding Chinese Navy in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean Region.

In 2015, then Defense Minister of India Manohar Parrikar expressed his readiness to consider acquiring Soryu-class diesel-electric submarines under Project-75I but Japan refused to compete in the bidding system due to the sensitive technology of its submarines and also due to rigid export controls of the country.

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