India has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) for a launch of an experimental flight vehicle in the Bay of Bengal for the period from 23 – 24 September 2021 as per information provided by Twitter user @detresfa_. Danger Zone has been defined for 3000km leading to speculation that it will be a fresh test of either a new ballistic missile or a Submarine-launched ballistic missile.

India in June earlier this year had tested next-generation nuclear-capable ballistic missile Agni Prime that has a range of 2,000 kilometers. DRDO reportedly is also working on Agni-4P that is an advanced next-generation nuclear-capable ballistic missile with a range of 4000km to replace the existing missile Agni-4 that is a non-canister variant.

The area defined is also similar to the K-4 Submarine-launched ballistic missile and it has been speculated Agni-4P will be a land-based version of the K-4 that might be tested since K-4 has been tested for few times from submerged platforms last January.

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