India’s Loyal wingman program Called Combat Air Teaming System (CATS)” Warrior ” that state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is developing with Private-sector startup Newspace Research and Technologies will likely see the rollout of the first fabricated Loyal wingman aircraft by end of 2023 as per information provided to

Earlier this year a revised wing tunnel model with some design changes begin wind tunnel testing and work on a scaled-down version for initial testing was also carried out. earlier wind tunnel testing on the older design was carried out last year.

While the fabrication of the first pre-production CATS Warrior will begin next year it is expected rollout will happen in 2023 itself. Maiden flight is expected to be carried out sometime in mid-2024 or later after initial taxi trials of the Loyal wingman aircraft. A twin-engine Warrior is an autonomous, unmanned combat aircraft (UCAV) that is designed to fly alongside or behind fighter jets and can be used to attack both ground and aerial targets.

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