Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Emmanuel Macron have reaffirmed their vision that the India-France Strategic Partnership can help build prosperity and resilience in their economies, advance their countries’ security, and create a more sustainable and healthier future for the planet.

The partnership can help seek solutions for global challenges, reinvigorate multilateralism and help build a stable international order and a more cohesive and united world, as per the India-France Joint Statement following French President Emmanuel Macron’s State visit to the country for the Republic Day celebrations.

Prime Minister Modi and President Macron reaffirmed their shared vision for bilateral cooperation and international partnership, outlined in Horizon 2047 and other documents from the July 2023 Summit.

They commended the progress in bilateral cooperation and committed to accelerating it further across the three broad pillars of bilateral cooperation – Partnership for Peace and Prosperity, Partnership for Planet and Partnership for People – to further reinforce their shared commitment to sovereignty and strategic autonomy, as per the joint statement.

They held extensive discussions on the long-term global challenges and current international developments, and drawing from their converging interests and approaches, agreed to intensify their global and regional engagement, including through multilateral initiatives and institutions.

Meanwhile, in a reaffirmation of the longstanding friendship between India and France, President Emmanuel Macron on Friday said: “Long live the friendship between France and India.”

At the outset of his address during a banquet hosted by President Droupadi Murmu, Macron expressed heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome extended to his delegation.

Macron shared his appreciation for the unique bond that transcends time and shared values.

The French President acknowledged the exceptional welcome and recalled the five years since his last state visit, expressing his pleasure at returning to India after the resounding success of India’s G20.

Macron expressed deep honour in having French soldiers participate alongside their Indian counterparts, deeming it an unforgettable memory for the entire delegation.

“It is with the most pleasure that we are here and to come back five years after our former state visit and five months after the success of your G20.”

“We were extremely honoured to be part of such an important and unique day and to have our soldiers being alongside with you and being part of this exceptional moment. I think this is for everybody here in this delegation, in our memories forever,” he said.