Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India next month for an annual summit and is expected to coincide with the delivery of the first S400 system that has started to arrive in the country but informed sources close to have told that Russians are likely to also make a formal offer to India on the export of S500 system that the country already has developed and shown interest in supplying it to both China and India.

The S500 system is not seen as a step up over the S400 system but rather interesting addition to its capabilities that boost of its capabilities to tackle Hypersonic glide and cruise missiles that the S400 system can’t tackle.

Present S400 customers will be interested in the capabilities of S500 that only arguments capabilities of the air defense system that they already possess said Russian media recently and India and China are first to be offered since both countries have brought this system. China might be the first to grab this offer but Russians are keen that India makes the first move.

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