According to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, India is testing technological solutions to tackle the increasing use of drones for smuggling drugs and weapons from Pakistan. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Shah acknowledged that drones are being used for smuggling, but expressed hope that a solution will be put in place soon.

He stated that four types of anti-drone technologies have been deployed on an experimental basis in Punjab and Jammu border areas, and that progress is being monitored closely to determine if any adjustments need to be made.

Shah noted that currently, there is no 100% specific solution to counter the drone menace, but agencies are continuously fighting the issue. Intelligence gathering has been increased at the ground level, and those receiving illegal shipments have been caught, resulting in the shooting down of a significantly increased number of drones in the past three months. In 2020, 22 unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down by security forces after entering Indian territory from Pakistan.

The use of drones to smuggle weapons and drugs has been a growing problem, with the recent April 20 attack on an army truck in Jammu & Kashmir’s Mendhar serving as a tragic example. The weapons used in the attack were reportedly brought into India via drones. In response, the Indian government has been exploring various solutions, including the use of anti-drone technologies, to counter the increasing use of drones for nefarious purposes.