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Newly-appointed Chinese Ambassador to India, Xu Feihong on Friday said that India and China boast of being time-honoured civilizations and are each other’s important neighbours. In an interview with China Global Television Network, Xu Feihong shared his first reaction to being appointed as the Indian ambassador after a considerable hiatus and said that it is an honourable mission and a sacred duty.

“I will do my best to deepen understanding and friendship between the two peoples, expand exchanges and cooperation in various fields, and improve and advance the bilateral relationship,” he said.

He expressed confidence in getting support and assistance from the Indian government from all sectors as he began his ambassadorial duties.

Emphasising his priorities, he said that both China and India boast time-honoured civilizations and are each other’s important neighbours.

He further stressed that India and China are the biggest emerging markets and developing countries of the world.

“As President Xi Jinping said If China and India speak with one voice, the whole world will listen; if the two countries join hands, the whole world will pay attention,” Feihong noted.

“I will follow the important consensus between our leaders, reach out to friends from all sectors of India, earnestly enhance the understanding and trust between the two sides, work to restore exchanges and cooperation in various fields and create favourable conditions for a sound and steady China-India relationship,” he added.

He further assured that this is in the interest of both countries, the region and the world, and is also what the people and the international community hope to see.