On Thursday morning, Coimbatore Police arrested a sixth suspect in connection with the car bomb case. Afzar, a relative of Mubeen who died when the car bomb exploded, has been identified as the arrested person. Police had previously confiscated his laptop during their investigation.

On Sunday morning, an LPG cylinder exploded, causing a car to explode in Coimbatore. It was thought to be an accident at first until state DGP Sylendra Babu made some shocking revelations.

“We discovered nails and marble balls in the blast zone.” During the search, the DGP discovered chemicals used for low-intensity explosions such as potassium nitrate, aluminium powder, charcoal, and sulphur, which can be used to make country bombs.”

Five people were initially detained in connection with the car bomb explosion that rocked Coimbatore on Sunday. Mohammed Dalqa, Mohammed Azharuddin, Muhamed Riyaz, Firoz Ismail, and Muhammad Nawaz Ismail were identified.