Pakistani Air Force has publicly credited Second JF-17 pilot for bringing down Second Indian jet which they claim was mighty Sukhoi-Su-30MKI, yet strangely name of the second pilot nearly took a week to be made public even when his kill was much bigger then what the first pilot claimed that of Mig-21Bis flown by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

What is more strange is that name of the first pilot was out in open in the first day of the Aerial Dogfight yet Pakistani Air Force seems to be more interested in Mig-21Bis Kill than the Su-30MKI kill which they claim was the second Indian jet. Indian already has challenged PAF and Pakistani Government to share Video footage of the Aerial interception of the Second jet from onboard Camera on JF-17 or F-16 which they continue not to clarify which one was used. India also claimed all Sukhoi-30MKI which were involved in the operations landed back safely including other jets like Mirage-2000s and Mig-21s so now onus lies with Pakistan to show some evidence.

Pakistan not only should have camera recordings from its own fighter jet but also Radar Electronic evidence from its lone Saab 2000 AEW&C which was in Air at the time operations was carried out near Line of control but PAF still is shying away from providing any evidence of it bringing down a second Indian jet that day. they have yet to officially even credit the second pilot with a Su-30 Kill which could have come as a huge boon for to not so Successful JF-17 fighter jet which Pakistan has been promoting for export but was able to sell less than 20 even after one decade of service.

Indian government already has claimed that it has Radar Electronic evidence of its bringing down F-16 belonging to Pakistani air force it also confirmed that F-16 indeed were used in operations against India after AMRAAM missile wreckage which was shown to the media which belonged to the Pakistani air force. Pakistani military categorically denied use of F-16s against India first then later backtracked but is yet to confirm after the US Government started an investigation in the matter.

India already has credited F-16 kill to Mig-21Bis flown by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. Since very same jet was brought down by Pakistani fighter jets, evidence from the onboard camera is either destroyed or in hands of Pakistan and India will now largely depend on Electronic Radar evidence but that is not the case of Pakistan. If it did shot down a Su-30MKI, It will have both Video footage and Electronic Radar evidence to confirm the kill but since it is over a week now and no evidence has been presented till date it is unlikely that anything will be provided in near future, yet Pakistan domestic audience will celebrate their fictitious glory as they did in 1965 War, when their Squadron Leader M.M. Alam claimed Five Hunter fighter jets over Sargodha in a matter of minutes while India claimed only two-loss that day, one was due to engine trouble and other after it ran out of fuel. Pakistani Air Force still carries the same propaganda but can’t explain why their ACE Pilot was benched at following the war in 1971 with India.



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