The Indian Air Force Tejas Squadron that has just completed its first-ever outing in the Singapore air show might soon be heading to Britain for a joint combat exercise that has been planned from 7th – 25th March with the Royal Air Force, as well as aircraft from the Saudi, Belgian, and Swedish air forces.

Participation of the IAF in Exercise Cobra Warrior is mainly coming from the British Journalists, while we wait confirmation come IAF. As reported by British Journalists, IAF will be sending 5 LCA-Tejas Mk1 FOC jets to the Exercise Cobra Warrior with 2 supporting C-130 and C-17 Transport aircraft each to the ferry maintenance crew and ground equipment with no mention of mid-air refueling aircraft being part of the group. Three LCA-Tejas jets recently flew over 3000km ferry flight with 3 external drop tanks non-stop to Singapore for the air show demonstrating the long-range ferry capabilities of the tiny jet.

Exercise Cobra Warrior is one of the largest annual RAF exercises and is intended to train both pilots and other air specialists in planning and executing complex airborne missions.

RAF Waddington airbase will be home to Indian Tejas jets where it will take part in air-to-air operations in mock dogfights and aircraft interceptions, as well as simulated ground attacks. This will be the first-ever outing of LCA-Tejas in an International air exercise and if the information is confirmed by IAF then it shows growing confidence in the jet and its growing combat capabilities.

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