PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday strongly criticised Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari for their foreign trips amid the country’s current “crises”.

PM Shehbaz is currently in the UK for the coronation of King Charles III while FM Bilawal visited India on Thursday to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s Council of Foreign Ministers. Imran took aim at the two while addressing a PTI rally from inside his vehicle in Lahore held to show support and solidarity with the Supreme Court, Constitution and Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial.

“Pakistan is being humiliated in the world. How the Indian foreign minister’s behaviour was when Bilawal went to India is a basis for shame for all of us. We ask the question, Bilawal you are touring the entire world but first tell that before going do you ask anyone that you’re spending the country’s money on a trip so what will be the benefit or loss from it?”

Imran questioned what benefit was gained from the trip to India with the kind of language that the Indian foreign minister used.

India’s Minister for External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, in his remarks at the SCO meet, had said terrorism in all its forms, including cross-border terrorism, must be stopped, usually a reference to Pakistan.

“We firmly believe that there can be no justification for terrorism and it must be stopped in all its forms and manifestations, including cross-border terrorism.” Later, he had alleged that Pakistan backed terrorists in Kashmir and Bilawal’s position was “found out and called out”.

Not holding back his words for the latter, Imran pointedly remarked against Indian Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar’s manners. “Don’t you have any culture or etiquette that a guest comes to your country — either don’t invite them but to invite and then humiliate them like this reflects [poorly] on India. This arrogance of yours I’m seeing, remember it is God’s law that the powerful do not always remain so and the weak do not always remain so as well.”

Turning to the prime minister, Imran asked him what he was doing in the UK.

“Do you have the time for that? Don’t you know that two days back six soldiers were martyred and seven teachers in Parachinar were shot? Inflation is at historic [levels]. How could you leave the country and go there (UK) in such conditions?”

PM Shehbaz earlier today deplored how the PTI tried to make Pakistan’s participation in the SCO meeting controversial, terming it as “deeply troubling”.

“It shouldn’t be surprising though as Imran Niazi has had no qualms about imperilling the country’s vital foreign policy interests in the past too,” the premier said. “This is what they did in power.”

He added that the conduct of interstate relations for the PTI was merely “a plaything”.

Meanwhile, Imran criticised the state of the country, saying that inflation was three times higher than the time the PTI was removed from power and people’s purchasing power was diminished.

He said Pakistan would rise up and the PTI would establish the rule of law and make a great country, but, elections were needed before that.

Imran said the time had come for the nation to venture forth, saying that he was taking to the streets too despite the threat to his life. The PTI chief said a senior military officer, who he has referred to as “Dirty Harry” on multiple occasions before, would be responsible if anything happened to him.

He added that he would be holding protest rallies from next week till May 14, saying that he would not rest until elections were held.