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The department of aerospace engineering at IIT Madras had proposed the development of a next-generation artillery shell ramjet-powered artillery shell that any standard 155mm howitzer can fire at targets more than 78km away. A ramjet-powered projectile can help Indian Army meet its long-range precision fires modernization priorities and a model of the same will be displayed at the upcoming Defexpo 2022 in Gujrat.

Ramjet-powered artillery shell uses an engine in which the air is drawn in for combustion and is compressed solely by the forward motion of the projectile at supersonic speeds.

IIT Madras is seeking 9.85 crores as its developmental funds and timeline in 2020 were projected to be 2.5 years. Ramjet-powered artillery shells when fired from Dhanush 155×45 Calibre will have a range of 61km, while from Vajra which is a 155mm/52 caliber gun will have a range of 68km, and ATAGS a 155mm/52 caliber gun with a bigger 25-liter chamber volume will able to hit targets as far as 78km.

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